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Commercial Law

Our commercial law practitioners regularly appear in cases brought in the Commercial Court and Chancery Division, but this practice group also brings together experts from other areas with a commercial focus, including business crime, fraud and asset tracing;

competition, regulation, procurement and utilities regulation (with a particular focus on telecommunications); investment treaty and commercial arbitrations; international trade (including the WTO and NAFTA); and our corporate social responsibility consultancy. We are able to represent clients at all stages of a dispute, including negotiation and settlement, and provide consultancy and advice on corporate governance structures, employment issues, pre-litigation strategy and cross-border challenges.

Commercial and business crime

Our criminal law team is recognised for its expertise in criminal and civil fraud and serious economic crime, with extensive experience in dealing with highly complex cases, acting for both individuals and companies. This includes corporate, banking, cartel and tax fraud, as well as money laundering and other compliance and regulatory issues. For more information please visit our Fraud, Financial and Business Crime information.

Commercial Law

a broad term for a range of legal services designed to support businesses in making money from their products and services.


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Employment issues and directors’ duties

We have one of the leading employment teams at the Bar, members of which can advise on all issues relating to employment disputes, including equality and discrimination issues, trade union disputes, contractual issues and director liability for misconduct, and the extent of directors’ duties according to the Companies Act 2006

Commercial aspects of EU law and procurement regulation

Our members have substantial experience of advising on disputes involving issues at the intersection between public and commercial law, with a particular focus on EU law and leading experts in the fields of competition law and telecommunications law.